APICS Cleveland Chapter January 2020 PDM

January 15, 2020
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Holiday Inn - Independence
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, OH 44131

APICS Cleveland Chapter January 2020 PDM

The Idea Farm

By: David Veech

Change is sweeping through organizations at an exciting and challenging pace. Those who can’t embrace this or build resilient systems will suffer in many ways. Building resiliency skills in the workplace is the best preparation for any kind change. To build these skills, we’ll need a system of structures that allow ideas to surface and then flourish through collaborative refinement that leads to more ideas.

We need an idea farm.

It begins with changing the way we lead and work so we can create a confident workforce. Then provides a simple structure to allow those employees to frequently and rapidly share, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their own ideas with a helpful coach.

In this presentation, we’ll explore all of these systems and structures and offer you ideas to take home and immediately plant to cultivate your own idea farm.

Speaker Bio: David Veech

Leadersights, Inc. | D. Veech & Co

Throughout the years, David Veech has been many things; an infantry officer, staff officer, brother, husband, father, author, student, teacher, farmer, professional sports team owner, travel advisor, and grandfather, and currently the founder of Leadersights, an organization centered around helping leaders of all types hone their leadership skills.

Whether teaching at the University of Kentucky or Ohio State University, or in the US Military, David has always carefully studied leadership with an eye for finding practical strategies that his students and clients can easily apply and centered his work around the philosophy that work should be fun, exciting, challenging and interesting.

Above all else, he is a lifelong learner, with his research focusing on organizations, the people that compose them, and the ways in which lean, leadership, and learning systems contribute to employee satisfaction and well-being. To share what he has learned, David has authored two books: Leadersights: Creating great leaders who create great workplaces and The C4 Process: Four Vital Steps to Better Work. When he isn’t working with his clients or teaching students about leadership, David is a skilled orienteer and an avid traveler - so much so that he even opened his own travel agency!



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